Our team of experts installs English language laboratories equipped with modern technology and software, providing the necessary training for effective laboratory utilization.

We provide tactical, strategic, and operational training required to execute specific missions or situations. This includes training on helicopters, fixed-wing aircrafts, weapon systems, ship propulsion systems, and more.

Helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement by evaluating the organization’s existing skills, resources, and readiness to perform certain functions.

We develop training systems unique to your organization that provide computerized training courses, curriculum, and instruction development, and create distance-based learning systems in interactive electronic classrooms.

Our highly qualified medical experts will train medical management on administrative and maintenance support, as well as in hospital information technology.

From clinical skills to emergency response, we ensure that hospital staff have the critical tools and resources necessary to provide high-quality patient care. This includes the knowledge of safety protocols, medical procedures, and other health-related procedures.

This training is essential for organizations to ensure proper functioning of their equipment and systems covers maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, and best practices for smooth operating systems.

LMS training provides education to organizations to effectively manage and deliver training courses on project planning, requirements analysis, budget development, and proposal development.

English Language Laboratory Installation & Training
Special Operations (SPECOPS) Training
Capability Assessments
Installation of Electronic Classrooms
Medical Training & Management
Hospital Staff Training
Operations & Maintenance Training
Learning Management Systems

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TeKONTROL has a lasting impact on the quality of medical service provided to the Egyptian Army personnel. The team has assisted the International Medical Center (IMC) in each phase of development, from a recently constructed facility to a completely staffed and fully operational hospital. TKI has worked as a true partner with the IMC to help ensure that the hospital is operationally efficient and provides the highest quality of healthcare.

Major General Reda Gohar

Managing Director & CEO International Medical Center