The lead story of the January issue of Program Success magazine, On Top of The World, featured TeKONTROL, Inc. (TKi) Chairman Thomas S. Kornegay. Thomas S. Kornegayis chairman, founder and chief executive officer of TeKONTROL, Inc. He provides strategic direction to the company he founded in 1986 that has grown to a multi-million dollar business enterprise with more than 60 employees and current operations in the United States and eight other countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, the Republic of Columbia, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of the Philippines. Tom Kornegay is on top of the world. A U.S. Navy veteran, Mr. Kornegay served for 24 years in a variety of engineering, logistics and maintenance management and staff positions. He earned his bachelor of arts degree (Cum Laude) in business administration from Orlando College in 1985 after earlier receiving an associate of arts degree from Southwestern College, Chula Vista. CA. TeKONTROL, Inc. (TKi) is a labor of love for Tom Kornegay. The company’s name derived from the military term “Technical Control” which was that area in communications where knowledge of everything coming in and going out was facilitated. TeKONTROL provides security assistance, training, logistics support, equipment sustainment and modernization, engineering support, IT support and program management to its global customers. TKi has established an outstanding reputation with both domestic and international customers as a reliable business partner that provides quick response and best value solutions to diverse business challenges. TeKONTROL Provides Solutions to Business Problems as both a prime and subcontractor to its customers, who are primarily federal government departments and agencies. The Company proudly points to a remarkable track record of successful completion of a wide variety of projects in the FMS and CONUS arenas. TKi’s primary contracts are with the U.S. Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSAFA) and its U.S. Army equivalent, the SecurityAssistance TrainingManagement Organization (SATMO). TeKONTROL is also a small business prime contractor in the Navy’s Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) program. The Company has demonstrated that it is adept at performing in the military environment found at U.S. Government and foreign bases. Utilizing a seasoned, qualified and professional staff, TKi has successfully completed, or is currently performing, projects in over thirty (30) countries. TeKONTROL has delivered services on all contracts on time and within budget with a 99.9 percent performance rating. Our experience and personnel allow us to continuously offer our customers minimum risk business solutions. The fundamental principles that drive the Company’s goal to satisfy its customers and meet their needs are: • A Thorough Understanding of Requirements • Prior Planning and Timely Adjustments • Clear Communications •With the Customer •With Regulatory Agencies •Within the TKi Team • Meet Contract Requirements On Time and Within Budget It is a strong belief of Tom Kornegay that more Blacks should explore global business opportunities. This is the new frontier for business and the platform that will host future millionaires. He wants to be instrumental in assisting anyone who aspires to doing business in the global market. “Every small business you help becomes apart of your business and a part of your future success,” Tom states as reason why he is and has been so eager to assist others. Tom Kornegay is active in a myriad of civic and community activities and has served in leadership positions in many of them, including the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, the Black Business Investment Fund Board of Directors, the Orange County Historical Society Board of Directors, the COMPACT Board of Directors, the Greater Orlando Small Business Chamber Executive Board, the African American Chamber Board of Governors, the Florida Chamber Board of Governors, the Leadership Orlando Alumni Board of Directors and the Greater Orlando Leadership Foundation Board of Directors. Mr. Kornegay was also a state of Florida delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business.

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