Integrated Logistics Support

We provide comprehensive logistics support for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft systems, ensuring their operational readiness and reliability through efficient maintenance, repair, and inventory management.

With a dedicated focus on shipboard weapons logistics, our team provides expert support and management to establish the efficiency and reliability of onboard weapon systems for maritime operations.

We provide meticulous management and technical assistance to propulsion and electronic systems, ensuring seamless operations and peak performance.

Our seamless support for small craft operations includes repair and maintenance services to keep vessels in optimal condition and enhance their operational capabilities.

With an emphasis on modernizing logistics streams, we improve supply support efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing overall logistics management.

Our procurement expertise ensures the timely acquisition of top-notch equipment, meeting project requirements and enabling seamless integration into existing systems.

We provide support extending to foreign military sales platforms, facilitating smooth communication and coordination between different stakeholders to ensure successful operations.

Integrated Logistics Support - Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft Systems
Integrated Logistics Support - Shipboard Weapons
Integrated Logistics Support - Propulsion & Electronic Systems
Integrated Logistics Support - Small Craft Operation & Repair
Integrated Logistics Support - Supply Support & Logistics Stream Modernization Management
Integrated Logistics Support - Equipment Procurement
Integrated Logistics Support - Foreign Military Sales Platforms & Liaison Officers

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TeKONTROL has a lasting impact on the quality of medical service provided to the Egyptian Army personnel. The team has assisted the International Medical Center (IMC) in each phase of development, from a recently constructed facility to a completely staffed and fully operational hospital. TKI has worked as a true partner with the IMC to help ensure that the hospital is operationally efficient and provides the highest quality of healthcare.

Major General Reda Gohar

Managing Director & CEO International Medical Center