Project Country: Kenya SOF SKILLS P-0052
Period of Performance: 8/29/2008 – 9/29/2010

Project Description:
TKi provided Special Operations Forces (SOF) skills training for newly formed special companies within the Kenyan Army.

Project Country: Kenya DO 0054
Period of Performance: 9/30/2007 – 9/29/2008

Project Description:
TKi provided border security training for rotating Kenyan light infantry battalions in support of the East Africa Regional Security Initiative (EARSI).

Project Country: Kenya DO 0055
Period of Performance: 9/28/2007 – 4/30/2008

Project Description:
TKi provided Pathfinder training based on the U.S. Army Pathfinder School curriculum for Kenyan units involved in land and maritime border security operations in support of the East Africa Regional Security Initiative (EARSI).

Project Country: Kenya MD500 P-0051
Period of Performance: 1/5/2009 – 4/30/2009

Project Description:
TKi provided a Mobile Training Team (MTT) to review the Kenyan Army’s aviation maintenance capability for the MD500 Defender. The team then determined and administered required maintenance refresher, and, or, additional basic aviation maintenance training within the Kenyan Army’s Air Cavalry Unit aircraft mechanics and maintenance section.

The team focused on all aspects of the MD500 program including weapons systems and ammunition, avionics, engine, airframe and logistics support for the MD500. It reviewed all levels of helicopter maintenance procedures from unit through Depot level with particular emphasis on spare parts operations, technical manuals, controlled substitution/maintenance management and Forward Operating Base (FOB) Maintenance operations. The Team provided suggestions for improvement of Kenya Army maintenance procedures in order to improve operational readiness rating of Kenya’s MD500 Helicopter fleet in support of border security operations in Kenya.

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