Project Country: Hungary DO 0017
Period of Performance: 8/4/2003 – 10/4/2003

Project Description:
TKi provided a TAT to install and test one English language laboratory in Hungary.

Project Country: Hungary DO 0042
Period of Performance: 3/13/2006 – 12/15/2006

Project Description:
A Special Operations Force (SOF) MTT conducted SF MOS training for the Hungarian 34th SOF Battalion and other Hungarian Defense Force (HDF) designated training facilities in order to develop a credible SOF force that is capable of conducting future SOF operations as required to meet Hungarian national defense objectives.

Project Country: Hungary DO 0046
Period of Performance: 1/22/2007 – 12/22/2007

Project Description:
A Subject Matter Expert (SME) Instructor SOF MTT to continue the development of the Hungarian SOF BN staff.

Project Country: Hungary DO 0057
Period of Performance: 1/31/2008 – 12/31/2008

Project Description:
TKi provided a Special Operations Forces (SOF) MTT to train Hungarian Defense Force (HDF) personnel in Special Forces Skills. The skills were those necessary for the HDF to have an initial operational capability (IOC) at the Operations Detachment, Company and Battalion staff levels to function unilaterally or in coalition force operations with US SOF elements. This was a continuation of training performed by TKI under DO 0042.

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