Project Country: Georgia DO 0026
Period of Performance: 6/23/2004 – 11/20/2004

Project Description:
TKi provided a UH-1 Standardization Instructor Pilot (SIP) MTT to Georgia. The instructor pilots trained, mentored and certified Georgian aviators and mechanics on U.S. and Turkish UH-1H helicopters.

Project Country: Georgia DO 0028
Period of Performance: 8/6/2004 – 9/29/2004

Project Description:
TKi provided a Company Commander’s Course MTT to continue the work previously done in establishing, training, and organizing the Georgian Ministry of Defense’s first ever Infantry Captain’s Career Course. This MTT included supervision of the first pilot course.

Project Country: Georgia DO 0033
Period of Performance: 2/25/2005 – 4/23/2005

Project Description:
TKi MTT taught 2nd SATMO Company Commander’s Course in Georgia.

Project Country: Georgia DO 0041
Period of Performance: 1/16/2006 – 4/5/2006

Project Description:
A Subject Matter Expert (SME) MTT trained Georgian brigade reconnaissance companies to operate as an effective unit.

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